Ocean Commotion 2014


Ocean Commotion is an outreach event hosted by The Louisiana Sea Grant College Program that gives students the chance to learn about and touch the products of the sea and coast—the aquatic animals, plants, and minerals—upon which Louisiana's citizens are so dependent. The event will be October 28, 2014 at the LSU Pete Maravich Center.

This year our lab's exhibit will feature a life-size model, as well as video footage of the longest bony fish in the world – the Oarfish. Students will be able to observe live phytoplankton through a Flowcam, and preserved zooplankton on a microscope and computer screens. They will view real 3-D video footage of creatures living at the bottom of the ocean. Our lab's exhibit will inform students of the importance, diversity, and ways to study plankton communities.

Stop by our exhibit, put on the 3-D glasses, and enjoy the experience learning about plankton: the gumbo of the seas